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Sothink SWF Easy v6.0.81107 (Portable)

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Sothink SWF Easy is an easy-to-use Flash animation software for all Flash fans.
Rich built-in resources enable you to easily create Flash banners, greeting cards and albums within clicks! The best combination of PowerPoint and Flash-making software --- Are you still bothered by the problem of finding a software to make a Flash presentation? Sothink SWF Easy does work! It is the best choice available at your hand!
What's new
* Brand-new interface has improved the fashionable skin and been optimized to be more user friendly. Click here to learn the introduction of the new interface>>
* Drawing tools are moved to Toolbar for your convenience.
* Lock and Hide function can be used through Timeline.
* Properties Panel is added to help setting all the properties of element, scene and the whole animation.
* Searching resources is supported. New Resource panel offers plenty of built-in resources, supports to import local resources and links users to download web site resources from Sothink web site.
Go to Tutorial Center and see the tutorial of Searching Resource.>>
* UI Components are added to help building Flash application.
* More than one Auxiliary Scenes can be added to one Main Scene as background. And the Z-order of these used auxiliary scenes can be changed.
* In Scene panel and Canvas, you can preview both Main scene and its auxiliary scenes, which show as translucent.
* Preloader and background music can be directly added through the Properties panel for the whole animation.

* Easily create Albums, Navigation Buttons, Banners, etc through pre-made templates.
* Efficiently create a professional Flash Presentation.
* Large amount of built-in resources, such as Shapes, Buttons, Dynamic Backgrounds, Greeting Cards, etc, are grouped by purposes Business, Education, Entertainment, Misc, and Web for your free use.
* Dozens of editable built-in effects for applied shapes, texts and images.
* Save and apply combined effect freely.
* All effects can be set loop or not alternatively.
* Add motion path to elements in design mode (WYSIWYG).
* Apply external Shapes, Images, Buttons, Sounds, Movie Clips, etc from SWF files unboundedly.
* Group elements in SWF file while importing and using the elements selectively.
* Support transparency effect for a specified color in a shape filled with a bitmap.
* Lock/unlock an element to avoid making unnecessary changes.
* Drag elements up or down in Timeline to change Z-order.
* Import existing vector graphics, such as AI, SVG, WMF/EMF and .gls, .glb, .glm.
* Import the whole SWF files and video files directly for full use.
* Support various sound formats such as MP3, WAV etc, as well as stream sound.
* More resources can be added to the program by installing Resource zip file downloaded from Sothink website.
* Whether to add index page into Flip Album can be chosen alternatively.
* Support ActionScript 2.0 fully.

Download Here - Sothink SWF Easy v6.0.81107 (Portable)

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